Nikon Z8 Bird Detection

Last Saturday I got a chance to quickly try out Nikon’s new firmware 2.0 release for the Nikon Z8 mirrorless camera. I was anticipating this firmware upgrade since the firmware upgrade to the Nikon Z9 flagship camera.

The following are my first impressions of the new bird detection feature in the Nikon Z8 and how it can help capture sharp, in-focus photos of birds. This review is by no means comprehensive and doesn’t even address BIF or “birds in flight”. Yet I believe it may be helpful in determining Nikon’s improvements in the focusing department.

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Nikon Try This

I just watched Matt Granger’s “The Problem with Nikon Mirrorless…” YouTube video and thought to myself how simple it would be to solve the Nikon focus issues with birds/animals/people detect. The Nikon Z9, Z8, Z7 II and basically all Nikon mirrorless cameras have, under certain circumstances, difficulties in focusing on the subject.

Admittedly it’s much easier to criticize than to actually fix something. However, here I’m trying to come up with a solution.

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